I'm new to the world of large data files and I'm wondering about what the format of my data might be. The data is in a very large text file containing some anonymized medical records. I have pasted a sample below.

I understand what each column is except for the fourth which seems to be a code relating similar rows. Does this type of data come from a relational database? If so, is there a name for this format?

Any help will be much appreciated.

649|183|Vital Signs|33877743-BE2A-48EE-A53C-D507D59CE540|1169|Blood Pressure (Diastolic)|80
649|183|Vital Signs|33877743-BE2A-48EE-A53C-D507D59CE540|1170|Blood Pressure (Systolic)|140
649|183|Vital Signs|33877743-BE2A-48EE-A53C-D507D59CE540|1174|Vital Signs Delta|0
649|183|Vital Signs|33877743-BE2A-48EE-A53C-D507D59CE540|1175|Pulse|64
649|183|Vital Signs|33877743-BE2A-48EE-A53C-D507D59CE540|1176|Respiratory Rate|14
649|183|Vital Signs|33877743-BE2A-48EE-A53C-D507D59CE540|1178|Weight|73.7
649|183|Vital Signs|33877743-BE2A-48EE-A53C-D507D59CE540|1180|Weight Units|Kilograms
649|183|Vital Signs|ACEFCC5F-C6FA-426F-AC26-7A23D7E6B26E|1169|Blood Pressure (Diastolic)|
649|183|Vital Signs|ACEFCC5F-C6FA-426F-AC26-7A23D7E6B26E|1170|Blood Pressure (Systolic)|