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    Unanswered: Auto Fill a range

    I don't do much in excel and i'm hoping this tedious task can be much easier with a macro/vba. I am setting up a excel sheet that I can then import into access and use it as a table. The columns are for locations and are Rack Shelf Bin Box and the range is 1 A 1 A through 6 K 9 E. Is there a code I can run to auto fill this data in excel or do I need to do this manually.

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    This code should do it.
    Sub Location_Codes_List()
    'Build a table of location codes by inserting values starting with 1,A,1,A and end with 6,K,9,E
    'Each set of 4 characters represents a storage location: Rack, Shelf, Bin, and Box.
    Dim shelfChars As String, boxChars As String
    Dim rackChars As String, binChars As String, endPoint As String
    Dim rack1 As String, shelf1 As String, bin1 As String, box1 As String
    Dim j As Integer, k As Integer, m As Integer, n As Integer
    Dim rowTracker As Long, allDone As Boolean
        rowTracker = 1
        rackChars = "123456789"
        shelfChars = "ABCDEFGHIJK"
        binChars = "123456789"
        boxChars = "ABCDEFGHIJK"
        endPoint = "6K9E"
        For j = 1 To Len(rackChars)
            rack1 = Mid(rackChars, j, 1)
            For k = 1 To Len(shelfChars)
                shelf1 = Mid(shelfChars, k, 1)
                For m = 1 To Len(binChars)
                    bin1 = Mid(binChars, m, 1)
                    For n = 1 To Len(boxChars)
                        box1 = Mid(boxChars, n, 1)
                        Cells(rowTracker, 1).Value = rack1
                        Cells(rowTracker, 2).Value = shelf1
                        Cells(rowTracker, 3).Value = bin1
                        Cells(rowTracker, 4).Value = box1
                        If rack1 & shelf1 & bin1 & box1 = endPoint Then allDone = True
                        If allDone Then Exit For
                        rowTracker = rowTracker + 1
                    If allDone Then Exit For
                If allDone Then Exit For
            If allDone Then Exit For
        MsgBox "done"
    End Sub

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    Thank you so much for this. Worked like a charm. Had to edit out a few locations from the code but this saved me a ton of time

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    Really this code helps me a lot too.

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