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    Unanswered: BD2 to MS SQL Double Byle Problem

    I know very little about DB2. But I am trying to figure out pull some data from a DB2 view into my MS SQL table. The problem is the DB2 table contains both English and Chinese characters. When I run my simple query, the English characters come through, but the Chinese show as question marks. I've tried changing Collation values, specifying codepages, but cannot find the right combination to get this working.

    I have the following SQL:

    SELECT vendornum, vendorname FROM OPENQUERY(OLE, 'select CAST(vendorname AS VARCHAR(30) CCSID 935) AS vendorname, vendornum from CHINA.SQLVIEWS.VENDORTEST')

    This is what I get:

    vendornum vendorname
    ---------- ------------------------------
    AA0012 ???????(??)???

    The parentheses are correct, but the question marks should be displaying chinese characters.

    As you can see from the SQL statement, the VENDOR field is 30 characters long (double byte from what I'm told) and using codepage 935.

    If I remove the cast and just reference the field as is, I get the following:

    vendornum vendorname
    ---------- ------------------------------
    AA0012 ?y<0+O(?(s)!=(.

    Similar, but not the same.

    I can query DBs on other MS SQL servers with Chinese characters and it displays just fine, so I know if it was correct, that I can see it.

    We've tried downloading 3rd party drivers, etc. and nothing seems to be working. I'm really hoping someone else has come across this problem and knows exactly what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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