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    Unanswered: Webbrowser Control CRASHING ACCESS - help

    My db's primary 'form' structure is one large unbound form, with tab control. On several pages are subforms - some bound, some unbound. On several of the pages is a webbrowser control.

    I often use this type of code in the AfterUpdate event of a listbox:

    Me.WebBrowserName.Navigate Url:=Me.Listboxname.Value
    (where listbox's value is a string like \\server\folder\filename.pdf).

    It works great on several pc. But on other PC's, the second that code runs, Access totally crashes. (access has experienced a problem and needs to close). What's weird is often if I step through the code code slowly line by line, it does not crash. But it crashes at true run time.

    1. We are all using Access 2003
    2. We have Office Pro 2007, except a2003 backloaded.
    3. All using windows XP
    4. I've tried using website addresses like, same problem. It's NOT a problem with IE handling the adobe link. (already been there).
    5. Their databases have NO problem compiling, NO missing references.

    Why would this crash access on some pc's and not others?

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    Are the version, service pack and "fixes" of I.E. the same on every system ?
    Have a nice day!

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    I will check that, thanks. Seems like if IE were the problem, though, it would manifest itself EVERY TIME - whether I was slowly stepping through the code, or in a split second at run time. Seems more like the active x control has trouble recognizing itself or registering or something. I don't know much about active X controls (and normally avoid them like the plague, as per best practices), but in this case I really need it, it's a key piece of this db.

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