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Thread: creating a form

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    creating a form

    Hello I hope someone can help! I am trying to set up a Secret Shopper form using an online program. I want to be able to make the form look professional with backgrounds, logos, colour ect and would like something where I can fill the form in and save and print the form with the answers on it. Alot of the online options create a spreadsheet with the answers on it seperate to the form filled in. Does anyone know how i can do this!

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    by online
    do you mean an internet application runningin a web browser
    do you mean a conventional applcation (a compiled rpgram that can be deployed on remote systems)

    I suspect you mean an internet application, in which case you'd need need to identify an ISP to host your application
    write the application in a suitable front end language such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET and so on
    if you are going down the internet application I'd suggest stuffing the data into oa back end database such as MySQL, SQL server and so on, or conceivably SQL Lite or MS Access. Storing in a db may be overkill for your app, but then seeing as you are asking this question on dbForums you should not be surprised to get a db suggestions.
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    Are you trying to create simply a web form, or a standalone form application of your own? For creating the form itself, there are plenty of apps out there, as you too have noticed. the one I personally use and recommend is 123ContactForm. It has plenty of customizing options in terms of form design (background, color theme, shapes and buttons) and you have a lot of settings for its behavior. It's a remotely hosted app, you don't have to install anything, creating an account is enough (which is pretty much the principle of all online form builders). 123ContactForm creates a MySQL database for your account where all form entries get stored - you can export them to CSV or view statistics as charts and graphs. Also, they have a Google Docs integration to use with your forms, if you find it more convenient. Quite an all-in-one tool this is.

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