Devart proudly presents dbForge Studio for SQL Server a new set of developer tools for SQL Server development,*data reporting*and analysis, and basic*administration.
Studio for SQL Server comes in*4 editions. So each user can choose the best one for himself!
Free Express*edition provides basic functionality for database developers
Standard*edition extends the Express edition's functionality with T-SQL Debugger, Query Profiler, advanced SQL Coding Assistance features, etc.
Professional*is a fully-featured edition that provides additional functionality. It also includes support for command-line interface for some components that allows you to automate routine operations.
Data edition*includes all the functionality of the discontinued Data Studio for SQL Server
dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server has been discontinued and become the*Data Edition*of the Studio (that's why the new product inherits Data Studio's versioning 3.0)
Besides integrating the existing products into one we also added a number of few features.
Major New Features
Table Designer*that allows to:
Set table properties in the visual editors
Edit a script that creates the table
Rebuild tables when complex changes are introduced
Preview changes before modifying a database object
Database Diagram helps you*to get a quick look at the database structure. It provides:
Visual editing, easy manipulation and scaling
Containers for grouping objects
Printing large diagrams
Virtual connections
T-SQL Debugger -*a must-have tool for building server-side logic. Being integrated into the stored procedure editor it allows to start debugging by clicking on the Database Explorer tree
Query Profiler*is used to locate bottlenecks and optimize slow query execution time with many advanced options unavailable in a standard tool
Security Manager*that incorporates visual editors for logins, users, and roles; batch object editing, etc.