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    Unanswered: HELP: Access database! Subtype Supertype - Hospital Checkup DB

    Please help me this is a database project requirement for school.

    please criticize my Access database. i cant fully understand what i did.
    see the picture below.

    am i right in implementing the DISCRIMINATOR thing? i dont know how to implement it in Access. I have an ERD but implementing it in Access is hard.

    and in the ADMISSION_ORDER, CBC to Chest Xray will have a value of "Done" or "Not Done" and also its subtype attributes will have "Done" or "Not Done" when done in Form mode.

    please help help help me
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    what does the DISCRIMINATOR thing represent?
    as its school work then only you know what is required for the assignment. you need to make certain your proposal meets the requirements of that assignment. the actual table desgin doesn't matter that much providing you demonstrate you've understood the concepts.

    if its validation you are after then you should probably talk to your fellow students/ pupils and or the person teaching this subject.

    on the face of it the table design doens't feel 'right' to me, as I woudl expect indiviudal tests to be in a separate table or in a test table, so they are not rolled up inot ADMISSION_ORDER, Comprehensive and so on.
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    but i have a question.

    how do i use the Subtype discriminator in access?

    how can i go down recording in the proper table or subtype?

    thanks for answering guys! i appreciate it.

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