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    Unanswered: Fields on Page Wont Keep Tab Order

    I have a tabbed form with 2 pages on it. I can't set the tab order, every time I change the tab order, it immediately changes back when I exit the field. I even used the auto order tab feature and it does not work. I have Access 2002.

    Any suggestions?

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    changing te tab order in a form can be an absolute pain, but it can be done
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burrina View Post

    ...every time I change the tab order, it immediately changes back when I exit the field
    This sounds as if you're trying to change the Tab Order from the Property Pane which, if I remember correctly, from that version, cannot be done. It has to be done so that all Tab Orders are changed at the same time. In other words, you cannot select a Control, go to the Properties for that Control, and change its Tab Order from 6 to 7, because another Control already has a Tab Order of 7.

    You have to go into the Menu and change the Tab Order, selecting the Control in the Tab Order dialog box, then, when the cursor turns to an arrow, moving it into position. This re-assigns the Tab Orders to all Controls at the same time.

    And when you're done, remember to hit the OK or Save button in the Tab Order dialog box.

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    Hope this helps!

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