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    Unanswered: Informix DB always hangs. CKPT: LOCK

    Hi Guys,

    I'm not really an Informix Admin but we do have a critical application running on IDS 9.4.

    IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 9.40.FC3 -- On-Line -- Up 00:08:18 -- 42016 Kbytes

    Everytime we reach a month end where transaction volume are high we experienced this kind of instanace state. Upon checking the log I can't find any critical issue with the server. I can only see the this on the *.msg file.

    <<IBM Informix Dynamic Server>>> WARNING! Physical Log size 11200 is too small.
    Physical Log overflows may occur during peak activity.
    Recommended minimum Physical Log size is 20 times maximum
    concurrent user threads.

    <<IBM Informix Dynamic Server>>> WARNING! Buffer pool size may cause Dynamic Server to get into
    a locked state. Recommended minimum buffer pool size is
    4 times maximum concurrent user threads.

    I've already changed the physical log size however I can't find any reference on the net on how to change the buffer pool size to a higher value. Please help. Thanks.

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    I had some problems in the past with V 9.4... that version is no longer supported, have you ever consider upgrading that version?

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    your config values seem to be extremely low. How much RAM does your system have, and how much can you grab from it ?

    How many users connected? Is the application running on the same box ?

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    send me the follow out command puts

    onstat -d
    onstat -l

    and cunk details,

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