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    Unanswered: WHERE Clause Wildcard

    Hi guys,

    I have a form that allows my users to generate custom reports.

    I build out the report's SQL code dynamically using VBA.
    The WHERE clauses all look something like this...

    "WHERE tblManufacturer.ID = " & Me.cboManufacturer 'result of user selected combo box
    Me.cboManufacturer is a combo box on the user form. The only problem is that I'd like the user to select an "ALL" option that would display a report with data from all manufacturers rather than limiting the result set to just one.

    It doesn't look like SQL allows a * wildcard to be used... for example..
     WHERE x = *
    throws and error.

    Is there any wildcard I can use for this case? Or do I have to rework a bunch of my code to allow for that case?

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    Since you're building the SQL in code, simply leave off the WHERE clause if the user doesn't fill out that combo, or selects "ALL".

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    I perfectly agree with "pbaldy"
    I have similar functionality in my database. What I do is to check if the filter fields are filled up then continue building the WHERE clause if there is any.

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