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    Unanswered: Possible backup corruption?

    I used this command to backup 200GB database (postgres 9.2, win7 x64):
    pg_dump -Z 1 db_name > backup
    It created 16GB file, which is fine I think because previous backups which works (and were packed by ext. tools) had similar size. Now, when I'm trying to restore using pg_restore, I'm getting error:
    input file does not appear to be a valid archive
    Gzip also shows it's corrupted. When I open the backup file in Total Commander, inner file has only 1.8GB.
    When I was looking for solution, it should be done with -Cf parameter probably.

    Which format has file right now? Is it only tar or gzip (winrar shows gzip)?
    Is there any way to restore this properly or it's corrupted somehow? Could it be due to filesize limitations of tar or gzip?

    Thanks for any advice.
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