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    Unanswered: Access Via Roles In Database Vault

    Hoping someone can provide assistance please?

    I am trying to grant SELECT access to users via roles to tables in multiple schemas - all of which reside reside in the same realm in database vault.

    The tables' owner is a DB vault owner within the realm, and the users to which I am trying to grant access are participants in the same realm.

    When I GRANT SELECT privs directly on the table to the participant users, they can see it, however when I grant access via a role instead, these users are unable to see the table (error object does not exist).

    I have tried bringing the role into the realm but it is still not working.

    Has anyone had a similar issue or know what the solution is?
    I am assuming that I do not need to use Secure Roles in this instance?
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    privileges acquired via ROLE do NOT apply within any named PL/SQL procedure
    & guess what Data Vault uses.
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    Thanks anacedent.

    I realised that procedures do not respect roles - so are you saying that you cannot grant privileges via roles within the same data vault realm?

    If so - is there an alternative / workaround I should be looking into?
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