I am using the XML format file below to perform a Bulk Insert on data from a flat file. I need to map one of the source fields from the file to multiple columns in the table. I tried to map the <Field ID> value 4 to multiple <Column Source>. I get the following error when I execute the Bulk Insert statment: "Msg 4874, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Line 28 in format file "\\it-dev1\exchange\apply\format.xml": duplicate element id reference "4". Is there a way to map a value from a <Field ID> attrribute to multiple <Column Source> attributes.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<BCPFORMAT xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2004/bulkload/format"
<FIELD ID="1" xsi:type="CharFixed" LENGTH="9"/> <!-- birthdate -->
<FIELD ID="4" xsi:type="CharFixed" LENGTH="1"/> <!-- company -->
<FIELD ID="6" xsi:type="CharFixed" LENGTH="7"/> <!-- policy -->
<FIELD ID="9" xsi:type="CharFixed" LENGTH="15"/> <!-- last name -->
<FIELD ID="11" xsi:type="CharFixed" LENGTH="14"/> <!-- first name -->
<FIELD ID="12" xsi:type="CharFixed" LENGTH="2"/>
<FIELD ID="14" xsi:type="CharTerm" TERMINATOR="\r\n" />
<COLUMN SOURCE="1" NAME="birthdate" xsi:type="SQLNCHAR"/>
<COLUMN SOURCE="2" NAME="company" xsi:type="SQLNCHAR"/>
<COLUMN SOURCE="3" NAME="policy" xsi:type="SQLNCHAR"/>
<COLUMN SOURCE="4" NAME="lastname_first_5" xsi:type="SQLNCHAR" LENGTH='5'/>
<COLUMN SOURCE="4" NAME="lastname" xsi:type="SQLNCHAR"/>
<COLUMN SOURCE="5" NAME="firstname" xsi:type="SQLNCHAR"/>