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    Unanswered: update multiple records

    I am new to db and have a question......I have built a db using access and I am wanting to update multiple records at one time maybe by using a db is employee training records and have yes/no check boxes for each class and a date completed text box for each class. I would like to be able to take a class roster and only pull up the employees on the roster and check the yes/no box and add a date completed.

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    I doubt you will be able to achieve that desing aim given the nature of the business problem

    Im expecting you to have a list of employees
    a list of courses
    list of which curses an employee is taking
    when you get to recording attendance you need to record which employees attended a specific course.

    so the problem, is how do you know which employees have attended a specific course?
    using Access you'd probably pull up the employees in a form on a one by one row. there is njothign stopping you clicking to identify that an employee has attended the course.

    if you wanted to say, ferisntace that all employees registered for that course had attended the course then you coudl poiut a button on the form to say such.

    that button woudl then trigger a piece code which updtaed the underlying recordset.

    providing you can identify what rows should be processed then you can do that processing using a 'WHERE' clause. the WHERE clause acts as a filter and says limoit the action to rows that match the following criteria
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