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    New Comer, please give advise.

    Hi every,

    Wishing you all the best!

    I'm just new comer here. I have started to learn MS Access with hope of developing a small database system to use in my shop by my own.

    I stuck with one issue, printing report.

    Scenario :

    I want to print customer receipts when customer comes to pay electric bills. For example, if one customer comes to pay for three bills, with different household electric bill IDs. Let's say,

    1. First house bill is 100 Baht
    2. Second house bill is 200 Baht
    3. Third house bill is 300 Baht

    This customer come to pay for all three household bills. He will need to get three different receipt printed out for each house.

    I use the 4.5" x 5.5" continuous paper, printer canon MP287.

    In the Form Report view, it display three different pages perfectly, but when printed, it only print the First house bill, and the printer pause with the P02 error, which mean I have to re-feed the paper one more time. Then it will print out the Second house bill, again the printer pause with the P02 error. I will then have to re-feed the paper once again.

    I want to know how can I make it printed out 3 pages continuously at a time.

    Any help or suggestion would be very much appreciate.

    I have attached the DB for any of you who will be so kind to help me to investigate too.

    Best regards,

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