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    Unanswered: Access 2010 Export Error

    Hi i am new to this forum and to the Access db.

    when i try to export a query in excel 2010 with 74 thousand odd records it exports only 65536, Why?.

    it also gives an error "The specification XML failed to validate against the shema"

    the Access is in 2000-2003 format
    but, i opned it in 2010 format.

    is that the reson is 2000-2003 format.

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    Usually ion importing access chucks rejected rows into an error table, whether that is done when importing XML I don't know. You coudl try importing native Excel and see if you get a differnet message

    the most likely cause of this is going to be a data mismatch, where the value in the cell in Excel is in a format that Access cannot interpret or doesn't recognise.

    Having said that, given that the number of rows imported is 65536 (or 2^16) it could be an internal limit within Access. try splitting the file into two chunks and see if that clears the fault or try importing directly from Excel
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