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    Unanswered: Toggling visibility between two text boxes in ssrs

    does anybody know how visibility can be toggled between two textboxes in ssrs? For example if textbox1 is visible and textbox2 is hidden initially and textbox2 should be visible when clicked on textbox1 and textbox1 should go invisible when textbox2 is shown... and then again when clicked on textbox2, textbox1 should be visible and textbox2 should go invisible.
    In a short, it is like switching visibility between 2 textboxes... A click on first textbox should display the second textbox and another click on second textbox should display first textbox.
    I cannot provide parameter as it is not there in the requirement.

    It will be also very helpful if somebody suggests how to toggle the text within a single textbox to fulfill above requirement...

    Can anybody help me in this?

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    there's a property called toggle visibility based on report item. you need to enable it for both the textboxes and configure them to point to the other

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