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    Database for storing biometric templates

    With ordinary relational (SQL, ...) databases it is easy to store any data and to search for exact match. However, there are cases (like biometrics) where you need to search for items based on a similarity. In the most of databases I've been working with, it is not possible to define your own similarity measure.

    Of course I would like to avoid traversing the whole database and computing a similarity for each item in the database. For strings (or certain datatypes) in traditional databases you can create index to speed up searching process.

    Do you know about some database where it's possible to create (program) and index your own similarity measure?

    I really don't want to start development of my own database...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubo View Post
    I really don't want to start development of my own database...
    You don't need to develop a database. What you need to develop is a user-defined function that calculates either the similarity of two entities or generates some sort of a measure for an entity that you can compare to determine similarity. A well known example of the latter is the soundex algorithm.

    Any modern database systems supports user-defined functions.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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