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    Little experience with databases, looking for a suitable tool

    Hello gentlemen

    I've tried to google programs but I'm not sure which one to go for. Money isn't a a big issue but I would of course like to get something isn't extremely expensive.

    Basically I am looking for a program that is really easy to use, that doesn't require one to be an expert already, if you know what I mean. Basically a program I both can use to learn and then work with later.

    I was hoping some of you more experienced could help me out and find a program. I'd really appreciate it! Here are some of the features I was looking for (hope I don't come across as too naive, I realize it might not all exist or even exist in one single program haha) so basically:

    - Work offline so I don't have to set up a server
    - A feature to upload the database to a server when I'm ready
    - Work visually to add, remove, edit etc. instead of having to google 6 hours to find the right way to type it
    - Get visual feedback as I work, so I don't have to refresh or something like it
    - Have support for a variety of dialects

    All in all I think I'm looking for a super user-friendly program lol

    Any ideas?

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    Basically I am looking for a program that is really easy to use, that doesn't require one to be an expert already, if you know what I mean
    No, i don't know what you mean. What kind of "program"? What do you want to learn?

    Yup, it would surely be a "super user-friendly program" that would do what you want with unspecified input and output.

    If you explain (by example(s)) what you mean by each of your bullets, someone may have suggestions. What do you "have" and what do you want to do with it?

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    DBEXform could be one, to make easy forms for Sql Databases.


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    you want to create a DB using a graphical front end
    there's several contenders out there, some of them are targeted at specific DB servers, but the output (SQL DDL) can probably used to create the schema in other DB's

    MySQL workbench is probably worth a look, assuming you are contemplating using MySQL.
    There's also one called SQL Power Architect

    But like al these tools they do assume that you have got some basic knowledge on DB design, and know what the various terms mean.
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    Your post is detailed but not in the way it helps us answer you. What are wanting to learn? SQL, database design concepts, RDBMS attributes?

    I think you're asking for a program that lets you learn how to manage / administer databases and data and in that case it depends on what database software you prefer. We need to know if you're particular to any specific RDBMS vendor like Oracle, IBM, PostgreSQL, Microsoft, etc etc etc and then also what platform will the database you want to learn function on? Solaris, UNIX, Microsoft, etc etc etc.

    If you don't have an answer to any of those, I highly recommend:

    - Linux (Debian / RHEL) = Operating System
    - PostgreSQL 9.2 = Database software (RDBMS)
    - pgAdmin3 = graphical tool

    Cost = $0.00

    Good luck!

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