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    Question Unanswered: Possible To Change SID / Retain Data?

    I have a Oracle VM running with a 12.2 GB database size. Currently I would like to take a snapshot / clone of the Oracle database 11g and replicate it. Obviously I would change the Linux OS hostname / IP parameters to avoid conflicts on the LAN however I would like to know if its possible in Oracle 11g (and acceptable) to change the SID on the said cloned machine once the machine has been replicated?

    Currently my SID on the above mentioned database is ATL and after I snapshot the virtual machine and get the OS parameters unique, I'd like to make the SID = ORL. Is this acceptable in the Oracle DBA community or is it highly frowned upon to make changes to a SID once there has been data added to the database?

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    above can be used to change SID
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