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    Unanswered: I want multiple items in a single booking, how can I do it?

    I have been trying for ages, using different methods to (to use a supermarket analogy) put multiple items onto a single receipt.

    I am making a database for a cleaning company and want to have multilevel services (Windows cleaning, vacuum cleaning etc...) in a single booking btut don't know how.

    How can I do it in a way that I would be able to create invoices summarising it all after?

    This kind of sums up what I am trying to do (obviously there is an issue in the relationship I post), ideally it should be unlimited services per booking, not 5, but I don't know how:

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    Have a look at: Access Junction Tables it's probably what you're looking for.
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    I actually did this before but ran into a problem. See

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    No, thats not what you did at all.
    Look up intersection tables, as as Sindho's reference calls 'em Junction tables
    as we don't know the nature of the services its unlikey that you would specify the hours required in the service type, but higly likely you woudl store it inthe intersection table
    your existing model works if only one member of staff is allocated to a specific booking, using an intersection table (effewctivley a way of implementing a many to many realtionship will allow you to allocate no,one or more members of staff to a specific booking
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