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    Unanswered: employee precentage

    I am trying to figure out how to find out the percentage of training complete for my db.

    I have employees and have 20 different classes in tables. class completed is a check box (true/false) for each employee. i want to figure out the percentage of completion for each employee over all 20 classes, and i want to figure out the percentage of the whole company completing each class on a report. how can i do this?

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    I'd do this by using some VBA inside the report
    place your controls on the report, or use the report designer
    add another control on the end of each line, call it, say PecentComplete
    in the forms on detail format event

    Dim NoCoursesCompleted as integer
    NoCoursesCompleted = 0
    if mycontrol1.value = vbtrue then  NoCoursesCompleted = NoCoursesCompleted+1
    if mycontrol2.value = vbtrue then  NoCoursesCompleted = NoCoursesCompleted+1
    PecentComplete.text = format((NoCoursesCompleted / 20) ,"Percent")
    replace the mycontrol1.....n with the names of the controls you used on the report (or if you used the report designer the names of the columns they represent

    you can do similar things with a group/report footer
    except that you use the count() function, or if you prefer the DCOUNT domain function
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