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    [b]erd diagram for library management system[/b]

    Hi There,
    Please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong section. This is my first time that I am posting some thing here. I tried to search through different sections but this kinda ticked as the most relevant unless i am wrong .

    Any way I am working on this project for a library system. I will sort of outline the project first:
    1) Library can issue books and other equipments like dvd, laptop and camera etc. Which I put together as an item.
    2) Librarian can issue items.
    3) Item can be loaned by members who could either be students or employees
    4) item is supplied by supplier.
    5) Member can also reserve an item.
    6) Members can also incur fines which is managed by Librarian.

    Although I havent included any attributes or done the relationship types but that s just the start and would really appreciate your expert advice. Thanks in anticipation and hope to hear from you guys soon.

    PS: Please go easy on me and i have attached the pdf file
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