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    Unanswered: from MsSql to MySql

    Pls. look the attach files.
    I have copied a dir. with MsSql database from another pc
    Now I have to import it in Mysql in my localhost.
    What you can see in the attach.1 is the folder I have in my hard disk about Ms Sql Server. I have never managed Ms Sql Server and then I don't know how to proceed.
    The attach. convert.gif shows the interface of a converter I'm going to use. What should I write there? Also, do you know a converting system like that, possibly free?

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    Have a look at DBConvert for MS SQL and MySQL . However, it is not free

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    SQL Server includes SSIS at no additional charge, which does a great job of moving data into and out of SQL Server. If you install MySQL drivers on the SQL Server, you can also create a linked server between SQL Server and MySQL that will allow you to easily access the MySQL database from the SQL Server.

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