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    Question Unanswered: Moving Backup To New Server

    Our company database on is having several performance issues due to hardware alone. I've received the new standalone database server and I've just installed Oracle 11g R2 ( on RHEL 6.1 Linux fine.

    When I installed Oracle Database 11g, I used the OUI as recommended per the docs. During the OUI installer, I selected 'Enterprise Edition' & 'Install database software only' which finished successful however there now is obviously no database instance running on my new server since I installed database software only and omitted creating a test / sample database from OUI.

    My question is for you seasoned DBA's for how I should proceed from this point. I've got a full backup copy that I took from the old failing database server using RMAN. Now since I did a 'Install database software only' option and no Instance or database exist on the new system, do I / should I first create a database using the 'dbca' utility as mentioned here:

    Installing Oracle Database and Creating a Database

    or should I not even waste my time doing 'dbca' to create a new database / instance since I'm going to import the database information from a backup I took from the old server?

    I'm not sure what the logical order of procedure is for me in the above scenario.

    Thanks for any info!

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    If you're planning to import the database then at the very least you will need to create an instance, otherwise you won't have anything in to which you can import it.

    If you're using RMAN then consider using it to create your duplicate database.
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    new database with primary database's DBFs and CTLs are needed i guess

    you want to make a replica?

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