I will try to include as much information as possible. I am trying to record my company's off-site inventory (gear that we have installed on-site). My table (tblYarBuildingInventory) contains an auto number primary key named building number, and fields such as address, Street Name, Equipment on-site (a written description of all of our gear at each address), Equipment location, etc. I have a report that will spit out all of our locations and give a complete report for this client, and I also have a form with some buttons that can be used to navigate through individual records 1 at a time. I wish to create a form that instead of having navigation buttons, it will have a search feature that allows the user to choose the field they wish to search by (Address, street name etc.), and provide an input in a text box that will be used to filter the total records by the value input. I would like the search to include records who have the searched value included in them, without having to match everything. This is because I would like to be able to search by a specific piece of gear that may be installed in different locations. Since each piece of gear is not stored separately, I will need it to be able to pick out what I am looking for. An example, location A has (2) Cisco Bridges; (2) Cisco WAPs; (2) External Antennas; Location B has (2) Cisco Bridges; (2) UniFi WAPs; (2) External Antennas;
If I search by equipment on site and the value i am looking for is "Cisco", I want both records returned since they both contain Cisco gear, even though they are not exact matches. I would like every other record that contained the word "Cisco" to be returned. My last task, once I am able to filter my records based on the search values, I would like to be able to create a button that will make a report, and list all records that the search filtered. Hopefully this will help explain my need and clarify what I need to do to achieve this. Again, I apologize for being very ignorant of MS Access at this time.