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    Unanswered: tablespace RF pending

    db2 9.1 linux

    After restore redirect from DB1 into DB2 tablespace is in rollforward pending state , coz of space issue while rolling forward in DB2 database which is in diff server

    diag says even when i do tbs level rollforward

    EDUID : 5616 EDUNAME: db2agent (SAMPLE2)
    FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, buffer pool services, sqlbAlterPoolAct, probe:10
    MESSAGE : ZRC=0x8002003C=-2147352516=SQLB_BAD_CONTAINER_PATH
    "Bad container path"

    IS there option to restore tablespace level online, DB is diff, DB1 source DB2 is target ... rebuilt tablespace options will this help, please suggest.


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    it means that you specified a wrong container path while doing the redirect restore or you did not specify the path at all
    check the tablespace in diaglog and check the set container....
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    no while doing redirect restore and while setting the container it was sucessful, while rollfoward i gettting this error.


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    it is advised to use full offline backup image while doing a redirected restore to avoid the step of rollforward. but if it can't possible in your case then try to rebuilt the database along with redirected restore.

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