Hello Friends,

Currently, i am working on a project which is a kind of data collection and suggestion.


Step1. Customer will fill the form which has few questions or data requested. There will be 5-6 topics and each topics will have data or answers collected. Upon selection of a topic, respective form should be displayed.

Step2. Based on the data provided by Customer & few default values, it needs to generate a suggestion for customer What technology can be used for development as an Output dynamically.

Step3. The output should be as a page with some format and can be retrieved again.

Step4. I plan to integrate this feature into a SharePoint portal.

Example questions as below:

  • Project Name [will be textbox]
  • Programming Language [combobox - C, C++, Java etc selected and this should come from DB]
  • Security Required [Yes | No combobox -> same as above.]
  • Description [TextArea]

I am confused how to setup DB Table such that it has questions from DB. And another table for saving the inputs so that it can be retrieved for Output.

Kindly suggest.

Thanks in advance for guidance.