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    Unanswered: Add Data from an array to fields in a table

    I have a form and a subform Shift_Main and Shift_Detail. The tables are in a one to many relationship on the field Shift_Id. I want to open the form and have code to load fields to the table from a dynamic array which has the current inventory list in it ( about 30 Items )when the form opens. I have tried append and update queries but cant get around the auto number field ie PK and FK so I want to try and do this by creating a new record at startup and then imput the other fields in the from the array or could be table. sound simple but I am a novice and have been working on this problem for about a week. So I need help ( details if you could )

    Thanks Bob

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    forget the idea of an array, as PBaldy has already suggested it isn't the 'Access' way
    consider using a subform to display what is in your Array. link the subform tot he main form using the PK of the main form.

    creating new rows on startup is not a samrt call, even if you are very very disciplined on tidying up & housekeeping.
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