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Thread: history file

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    Unanswered: history file

    list history command gives error saying
    history file damaged,

    db2rhist.asc, and db2rhist.bak file both are accessible and also there free space available in file system, even the ulimit -a is set to unlimited,
    have full permissions in this file.

    but still list history or db_history is not working giving error say history file damaged.

    Want to recover the old history info is possible with restoring from the backup images i mean any other was to recover the same.


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    paste the output of db2level and exact error message to look further on your issue.

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    Are you getting a SQL2161n error? First, option is to attempt to recover it .Second , you can easily create a new one -
    SQL2161N A damaged recovery history file could not be fixed. - DBA DB2

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