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    Question Unanswered: Sybase IQ proxy table to ASE

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having issues in creating a proxy table from a db on Sybase IQ 12.7.0 (jConnect6.0) to one on Sybase ASE 15.0.3 (jConnect 7.0).

    When invoking : create existing table ProxyTable at 'ASESERVER.mydb.dbo.Table' it fails with msg : ASA Error -667: Could not access column information for the table

    The visibility and access permissions from IQ to ASE are correctly set as :
    1. Remote ASE server was added with create SERVER ASESERVER CLASS 'asejdbc' USING '<ip>:<port>/mydb'. Also remote ASE server is present in the interfaces file from IQ.
    2. The current IQ login was granted connect permission
    3. An external login was created in IQ db linking the current login to one in ASE which is owner of 'mydb' database.

    Any other actions that include remote access work fine such as :
    1. Creating a proxy table (without existing ) : create table ProxyTable2(id int) at 'ASESERVER.mydb.dbo.Table2'
    2. Creating remote stored procedures
    3. Sending native syntax to remote server using FORWARD TO 'select * from Table'

    I've tried to implement my solution by creating the proxy table without "existing", such that both tables were created at the same time, but when I populate the table in ASE it grows very very much in size (in comparison to an identical table created from ASE).

    If anyone has any hints regarding why the creation of the proxy table fails please provide feedback.

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    I've figured it out eventually, it was from from JConnect driver. Something was not compatible between version 7 from IQ and version 6 from ASE.

    Solution : Added the procs from Jconnect 6 to ASE by manually running the content from file /opt/sybaseiq/jConnect-6_0/sp/sql_server15.0.sql, where /opt/sybaseiq was my instalation folder for the IQ server. You need to run the content on the sybase ASE master db.

    jConnect driver version can be checked in ASE by calling sp_version

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