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    Unanswered: Need shell script urgently

    As i am begnieer to Shell script plesae help me in a shell script which will perform below tasks step by step:
    The script should connect to my database in which files are continuesly coming from my client side.
    Based upon refrernce data validation ,the files get rejected,Processed and Processed_with_errors.
    The script should continously check the Current_status(Rejected,Processed and processed_with_errors) column of my database table.
    If the files is with status Processed then no Issues,but if file gets Rejected or Processed with more then 15% rejections of records(ie, Cuurent_status='Processed_with_errors').
    Then the script should generate ALERT mail to me immedialtly.

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    What have you done so far?

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    In addition to what kitaman said,
    What is your operating system(unix, windows, etc)?
    What is your database(i.e. oracle, db2, informix, sql server, etc)?
    Also supply a description of your table(i.e columns, data type)...
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