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    Unanswered: PLZ HELP - incorrect syntax near (stored string)

    I am writing a code on VB and when the code executes my sql statement brings up an error

    SQL statement:
    "Select ISNULL(FirstName, '') + SPACE(1) + ISNULL(LastName, '') AS FullName, ClassID FROM StudentClassDetails, StudentsInfo where StudentsInfo.StudentID = StudentClassDetails.StudentID And StudentClassDetails.ClassID in '" & SelectedTitles.ToString & "'"

    Error Message:
    Incorrect syntax near '1,6,8,11,14,16,20,21,33,34'.

    '1,6,8,11,14,16,20,21,33,34' is a string stored in SelectedTitles

    Thanks in advance

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    If you display a MessageBox with the SQL statement you're trying to execute, I expect that the problem will jump right out at you.

    You also REALLY need to read up on First Normal Form, it allows you to completely avoid problems like this. See Database normalization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for more information.

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    I suspect that the problem here is that the IN clause requires each element of the list to be delimited. That is, '1','6','8','11','14','16','20','21','33','34'.

    As Pat pointed out, you need to revisit the design of this database with regard to normalisation.
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    you have no parentheses around the list of values you are checking against.

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