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    Unanswered: How to schedule based on time

    I'm trying to figure out how to Calculate for scheduled Inspection on equipment. I have 200 individual machine that I need to schedule for reaccurring inspections. Some get Weekly, Bi-Weeekly, Monthly and Yearly. As I start this I will be assigning dates over a period of time so they do not all appear the same day and overwelm the maintenance staff.

    So Machine 1 gets a monthly inspection on November 1 and every month there after on the 1st of the month. How do I go about this type of setup?


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    Store a date last inspected
    Store a flag that identifies the inspection interval.
    Runaway report that identifies equipment which is due for inspection based on the last inspection date plus the interval. That report should be able to identify overdue inspections.

    Id suggest the inspection interval is stored as days in another table with a FK in the equipment table pointing to the interval definitions table.
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