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    Unanswered: Informix will not start or initialize

    O/S: Windows Server 2003
    DB: Informix 11.70

    Informix not up and can not start. See results of Informix commands below:

    C:\Informix>onstat -
    shared memory not initialized for INFORMIXSERVER 'ol_informix'

    C:\Informix>oninit -v
    Reading configuration file 'C:\Informix/etc/onconfig.ol_informix'...succeeded
    Checking config parameters...succeeded
    Allocating and attaching to shared memory...succeeded
    Creating resident pool 4956 kbytes...succeeded
    Allocating 40016 kbytes for buffer pool of 4K page size...succeeded
    Creating infos file "C:\Informix/etc/.infos.ol_informix"...succeeded
    Linking conf file "C:\Informix/etc/.conf.ol_informix"...succeeded
    Initializing rhead structure...succeeded
    Writing to infos file...succeeded
    Initialization of Encryption...succeeded
    Initializing ASF...succeeded
    Initializing Dictionary Cache and SPL Routine Cache...succeeded
    Bringing up ADM VP...succeeded
    Creating VP classes...succeeded
    Onlining 0 additional cpu vps...succeeded
    Onlining 1 IO vps...succeeded
    Forking main_loop thread...succeeded
    Initializing DR structures...succeeded
    Forking 1 'soctcp' listener threads...succeeded
    Forking 1 'soctcp' listener threads...succeeded
    Starting tracing...succeeded
    Initializing 8 flushers...succeeded
    Initializing SDS Server network connections...succeeded
    Initializing log/checkpoint information...succeeded
    Initializing dbspaces...succeeded
    Opening primary chunks...succeeded
    Opening mirror chunks...succeeded
    Validating chunks...succeeded
    Initialize Async Log Flusher...succeeded
    Starting B-tree Scanner...succeeded
    Initializing DBSPACETEMP list...succeeded
    Init ReadAhead Daemon...succeeded
    Checking database partition index...succeeded
    Initializing dataskip structure...succeeded
    Checking for temporary tables to drop...succeeded
    Updating Global Row Counter...succeeded
    Forking onmode_mon thread...succeeded
    Creating periodic thread...succeeded
    Starting scheduling system...succeeded
    Verbose output complete: mode = 5

    Process just hangs here, never ending, service always in status "Starting".
    Please advise.

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    Any information in log file?

    C:\Informix> onstat -m

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    C:\Informix>onstat -m
    shared memory not initialized for INFORMIXSERVER 'ol_informix'

    Message Log File: C:\Informix\ol_informix.log
    13:52:27 Recreating index: 'sysadmin:"informix".aus_command-aus_command_ix2'
    13:52:27 Recreating index: 'sysadmin:"informix".aus_command-aus_command_ix1'
    13:52:27 Recreating index: 'sysadmin:"informix".aus_cmd_info-aus_cmd_info_index2'
    13:52:27 Recreating index: 'sysadmin:"informix".aus_cmd_info-aus_cmd_info_index1'
    13:52:27 Completed recreating indexes.
    13:52:30 SCHAPI: Started dbScheduler thread.
    13:52:30 Auto Registration is synced
    13:52:30 Booting Language <spl> from module <>
    13:52:30 Loading Module <SPLNULL>
    13:52:30 SCHAPI: Started 2 dbWorker threads.
    13:52:32 Defragmenter cleaner thread now running
    13:52:32 Defragmenter cleaner thread cleaned:0 partitions
    13:53:30 Loading Module <$INFORMIXDIR/extend/ifxmngr/ifxmngr.bld>
    13:53:31 The C Language Module <C:\Informix/extend/ifxmngr/ifxmngr.bld> loaded
    13:57:56 Checkpoint Completed: duration was 0 seconds.
    13:57:56 Wed Oct 17 - loguniq 73, logpos 0x197a018, timestamp: 0x4aa6e4e Interval: 31013

    13:57:56 Maximum server connections 1
    13:57:56 Checkpoint Statistics - Avg. Txn Block Time 0.000, # Txns blocked 0, Plog used 37, Llog used 30

    Also, last error was the log files were full. Then this system was virtualized. It is back to a physical machine but still instance does not come up.
    Clearing / saving logs does not work ...

    C:\Informix>ontape -s
    Shared memory not initialized for INFORMIXSERVER 'ol_informix'.

    Program over.
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    Please copy the last 300 lines of C:\Informix\ol_informix.log and place here...
    It seams that informix server become up from the log file and didn't shutdown at the end of the log that you placed...

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    just tel me after come " Verbose output complete: mode = 5 " did you closed the command promt and in the windows service file just check the status of informix dynamic server's service

    send me above details

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