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    Unanswered: Photos & Stickers

    In the past, I have printed photo's on reports and documents using a ImageFrame field, that updates to a stored path of the location of a photo (I.E. in field Photo1, the store path of c:\desktop\Moe.jpg). This has worked well until recently. I tried to create a method of printing out ID badges from an associate table. I have the path of each associates photo stored in the record and I have the report set up as a column report for business card size stock to make the badges with. However, I am getting the same photo from the very first record over and over again, but the name, shift, ID number for each associate are printing fine. Just not the photo. I get 3 pages with 30 associates, but all the same picture.

    Is there a trick to get the photo to reset for each different ID card?


    To make this a little more clear, when I have the report open, I use the report_activate() event and run the following code. It worked in the past for photo that was coming from one record. Now that I want to print a report that is showing multiple records, how can I have this update with each record being pulled from the query and printed? It would see that there should be a possible record set funtion where when each record is used, it runs the code from the function below. Any help appreciated.

    Private Sub Report_Activate()

    Me![ImageFrame1].Picture = Me![Photo1]

    End Sub

    It is apparent that running this code sets the picture for the first record that prints, but does not update the photo for all remaining records.
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    I have included some additional information to help in solving this issue.

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    try pushing the code that sets the image to the report detail on format event, which hgappens every time the data changes but before a row is printed. the on activate evetn fires only once (it may also fire when the report is clicked... but its not the one you want to set data for every row
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