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    Unanswered: Does sybase(SQL Anywhere) support table valued parameters similar to SQL server.

    Hi ,

    I Am very much new to sybase (SQL Anywhere).
    I have a .net application in which am supposed to read almost 30 huge text files and insert into sybase SQL Anywhere database table.There are a set of business rules which are needed to be applied on some of these text files.
    Right now am processing each and every row and validating against the business rules and inserting them which is taking very long time and effecting the performance.

    I want to know does sybase ( SQL Anywhere database) support table valued parameters similar to SQL server 2005/2008 or is there any other solution of my above problem. I am converting the text file to datatable and want to pass this whole datatable from .net as parameter to sybase SQL Anywhere database (planning to write a stored procdure) and process the data over server instead of client side.

    It will be great if anyone of you suggest me a better solution so that its improves the performance.

    Thanks in advance.
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