I seem to have this ongoing issue with Sybase Replication. We're using Replication Server 15.5 with ASE 15.5 on Windows 2008 platform. Here's the issue:
We frequently perform restore of our databases (both primary and replicate) in our development environment. This is a requirement for an ongoing development. I do an sp_stop_rep_agent on both my primary and replicate databases, do a suspend log transfer from all, on my replication server, and then perform the restore.
But the problem is, even after that I start the rep agent, resume log transfer, the replication either the dsi or the rep agent doesn't come up, sometimes on the primary and sometimes on the replicate server.
All my repdefs and subs are there, but somehow I have noticed that the connections from either of the db server to the replication server gets dropped after the restore. So I have to drop all the repdefs and subs and the connections, and then recreate all of them. Its fine after that, till I perform another restore.
Can anyone please let me know why this keeps on happening? and perhaps suggest where am I going wrong.