Hello all,

I'm very new to access, I'd say about 1 month or so since I started using it.

Taking some classes and doing some research, I found a way to email a form I created as a PDF. The code I'm using is this:

Private Sub Command166_Click()

Dim strReport As String

strReport = "Audit_Review_Report"
DoCmd.OpenReport strReport, acViewPreview, , "Audit_Review_ID = " & Me!Audit_Review_ID
Reports(strReport).Visible = False

DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, strReport, acFormatPDF
DoCmd.Close acReport, strReport

End Sub

Now, this just opens a blank outlook new message and attaches the file named as "Audit_Review_Report".

I was wondering if there is any way I can change the name of the file.

I have this field called "Audit_Review_ID" in which a unique audit # is assigned to each form. I also have a field called "client" where a client is selected. So, let's say audit for client windows7 is numbered as 1234.

So ideally, I'd want my file name to be something like "1234" or "windows7" or "audit windows 7 1234" (or with _).

Is this possible? If so, could someone please walk me through it? Like I said, most of the coding I've done is based on copy-pasting others' codes.

Thank you in advance,