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    Do we have any other way to draw the graphics in javascript except HTML5 (canvas). Since i have used Canvas to draw the graphics in javascript but its working only in Internet Explorer 9 (higher end browser). i want my code should work in lower end browser also like IE 6,7 and 8 also. Can any one suggest me which one will be the good practice to draw the graphics in Javascript.
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    Java isn't Javascript
    You my strike lucky and find someone here who knows what you are going on about. However this forum is primarily about data. Specifically 'design, develop and administer'.
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    well... it would really depend on who you're targeting.... for example... if you're doing something geared towards people 40+ who are a little set in their ways and have a hard time figuring out their 5+ year old computer... then I could see you wanting to make sure your site works on older browsers.... because they don't like updating things even when you tell them over n over n over they need to do that.... But if you're targeting the younger generation who jumps on everything new... I wouldn't worry about it... instead... I'd focus more on making sure your site works on both computer browsers AND CELL PHONES!!!!!.... html5 will be standard in 2014... so look forwards.. NOT BACKWARDS!!!!.... if they're a part of this "digital" age and somehow only have IE6 on their computers.... screw em.... don't slow down everyone else's experience just so they can keep up... thinking like that will push you to eliminate a LOT of GREAT ideas for your site that would make it boom just so you can be compatible with people who are ridiculously behind the times..... that's like a bus driver making everyone late to work and school because a TEENAGER is taking their time to get to the bus stop.... I emphasized teenager because that's how it is.. they're young and healthy... their knees are good... so they can run.... they just choose not to... you shouldn't hold everyone up waiting on them when they're fully capable catching up... the laptop I'm on RIGHT now is 4 years old... yet I have all the new browsers and I use Adobe CS6 products.... so why can't they just update their browsers?... is someone that lazy/illiterate/whatever else somebody you really want to focus on catering to?... what other quirks might they carry with them that you'll have to think around and cater to?... how dumb and slow will it make everyone else feel to have to go along with it?...

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