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    Unanswered: Sybase cache memory information

    I have some question about cache memory in Sybase 12.5

    1- How to check currently which store procedure in there in cache memory. please let me know the command which will display entire store procedure are there in cache memory
    2- How to clear the cache memory. Please let me know the command. I want to clear all the data, store procedure, and query from the cache memory.
    3- If I want to store the store procedure in cache memory for this I need to execute the procedure. It is like below

    EXEC cip_get_bmf @account_no=307780923

    EXEC cip_get_bmf @account_no=307780911

    As see the above there is one store procedure but have the different account_no as a parameter. So in this case, in cache memory same store procedures are store in two times because input parameters are different. Please let me know how to store the store procedure in cache memory.

    4- If procedure A is calling procedure B, C, D. so if I execute the procedure A. in the cache memory what procedure will store. It will store all the procedure like A,B,C, and D. Please let me know.

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    Point# 2 : There is no such command to clear the cache memory for Sybase 12.5.
    You can restart the server to clear the cache memory or refresh the database of the server.

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    Point #1 : you can execute system sproc sp_helpcache to determine bound cache to the objects
    sp_configure 'procedure cache size' to check value for procedure cache

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