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    Unanswered: Problem About Report - Access 2003

    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem about report, Access 2003. Please find the attached db file and see details explained below.

    1. Open Form "frm_Header_and_Detail"
    2. Click "3. ดูรายงาน : แบบละเอียด"
    3. Enter the Start Date as "10/10" and End Date as "11/10" and click below button "คลิก เพื่อดูรายงาน"
    The report will display as shown in picture 001 attached
    4. In this report, the column "เลขที่" (The First column), "รับชำระ" (The Tenth column) and "เงินทอน" (The Eleventh

    column). I configured the Properties "Hide Duplicates = Yes".
    5. The sum of "รับชำระ" (The Tenth column) and "เงินทอน" (The Eleventh column) are wrong.
    The sum suppose to be 200 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,500 + 1,000 + 1,500 = 6,200

    I don't know how to make Access go to pull the data from the Duplicate Field only once to calculate. Please advise!

    Thank you very much in advance for your kind help.

    Best regards,

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