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    Unanswered: Splitting tables into multiple databases


    My host allows multiple databases (1gb each), if my database on shared hosting grows up to 1gb how can I split my tables into multiple databases while on the server. If I could split major tables into say 3 databases, then I can use database name-prefixes to fetch records.

    Is splitting the database on the server doable or I should design it that way right now before the deployment.

    ( Please don't advise for dedicated hosting, I can't afford it and the service I'm providing is free)


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    That is one way of doing it, alternatively you can write a small proxy from a single database i.e. if client 1 connects then use username1/password1/host1/database1 if client 2 connects then use username2/password2/host2/database2, client 3 may also use username2...

    The disadvantage of this is that you will have two connections to make one to a server which returns the usernames, the second to the database server containing the information.
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    if you think you are going to break the 1GB limit then you should have enough there to start making a viable business that can be funded via advertising or if its good and interesting enough by a subscription model.

    If you think the application can be served by splitting into discrete DB's then that begs the question why you don't have discrete DB's to start with.

    If you were a smart aleck you coudl have a master DB which stored just the key information (the stuff that you users are going to search on along sith a pointed to indicate where the actual data is (ie which DB) then pull that data as required. BUT bear in mind your ISP may well ctton onto such tricks

    As far as MySQL is concerned it doesn't care what DB data is actually stored in, if its on the same physical server then the server can see any table in any db (assuming you have the correct permissions. But any ISP that did run multiple serves should be canny enough to stop you doing such things.

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    I have come to the conclusion that if the ISP has set this limit they have its purpose, I should not bypass it by playing such design tricks, its a kind of abuse I think.

    So what steps should I take at this point in time to make sure that my DB migrates easily to a dedicated server (or multiple master-slave servers) when it reaches 1gb limit?
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