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    Unanswered: extreme Newb Question

    I have developed an interest in using Mysql and I really need a few pointers.

    I would like to make a basic website and have it linked to a mysql database so I can practice and get some hands-on experience.

    I tried Web hosting**-**Domain • Hosting • E-mail** but they said i HAVE to use myphp and I cant use python which is something I want to use. So basically I would be quite restricted in what I can do.

    To get started, do I have to use a paid-for web host? Do you have any recommendation, what's the cheapest way of self study. Do you know any good websites or articles.

    Any help for a complete newb would be great.

    Thanks for your patience and help.

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    cheapest way to self study is to set up your own webserver on your own PC and run it form there.
    to make life easier consider downloading XAMPP which does the downloading, installing configuring of your webserver. However I don't think it includes Python. but you cna download that from the official Python site

    you can administer your MYSQL server using PHPMyAdmin or MySQL's own workbench, ot other products like HeidiSQL
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    Hi thank you for the help, ill download it and get it all set up.

    If in future I decide I want people to access the site, and make use of the database for whatever reason, would I have to get pay for a host or is that something that can be done yourself?

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    most free hosts have mysql available, most don't have python. you'd have to look around for the latter. a paid host might offer better options.

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