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    Entity relationship model(diagram)

    HI guys, im new to this forum, anyways i have an assignment im working on, and i need help in drawing d enity relationship model .... i have drawn some but i just need an alternative diagram to cross check with the one i have ... so here is d question..

    An academic database is required for supporting the editing of the proceedings of a conference. Prospective authors submit papers which have to be distributed to program committee members (PCMs) for review. Each PCM is willing to review a (unspecified) number of papers that concern a number of (specified) chosen topics. Information stored on topics is unique topic number and topic name. Each paper has a keyword to state which subject it discusses and must be reviewed by at least one PCM. The database is used for tracking the progress of the review process, sending reminders to late reviewers, and recording information resulting from the reviews for discussion at the program committee meeting and to decide which papers should be accepted. To this end, the reviews contain marks out of ten for originality, technical merit, relevance to this particular conference and an overall mark.

    When all reviews have been returned, the program committee meets and makes their decisions. Letters then have to be sent (including the original reviews) to authors of both accepted and rejected papers. Then final manuscripts for accepted papers will start to arrive and the database is used to record problems such as missing copyright transfer forms, the paper being longer than allowed, formatting problems, etc. Authors have to be contacted to get them to fix these problems and hurry them up if they are late.

    Finally, the database is used to extract information for entry into the proceedings: tables of contents pages (listing of papers, authors and page numbers) and a list of PCMs’ names for inclusion in the introduction of the proceedings.

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    Post what you have already done and someone may have some observations.

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    attached to this is a copy of wat i have
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