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    Unanswered: Record is too large 3047


    I have a database of courses at a University which has 8 tables each with a unique course code that I have used as the primary key.

    All tables are linked using the same key - course code.

    I have a form which contains 54 fields (these 54 fields are divided into 8 tables)

    However when I try to update a record using the form, I keep getting this error:

    Records is too large (3047) You defined or imported a table with records larger than 4K

    Please can someone help?

    I'm teaching myself Access so please be kind if I'm doing something stupid

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    Forgot to mention - I am using one big query as the record source for the form which queries all 8 tables

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    It sounds like your database design is a little screwy. Can you post table descriptions, relationships and the base query? Failing that, make a copy of your database, remove any confidential information, zip it and post it here.
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    As weejas said, your overall design sounds suspect! The fact that all Tables are linked by a single Field merely reinforces this!

    Cramming the data from multiple Tables into a single Form, being used for data entry, by way of a Query, is seldom a good idea. Generally speaking, this sort of thing would be handled using a Main Form and multiple Subforms, but the exact answer would be dependent on the table descriptions and relationships weejas asked for.

    We frequently speak of apps not being Normalized, but apps can actually be over-normalized, as well, making tasks such as data entry problematic, without actually adding anything to the app.

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    Hope this helps!

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