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    Trying to create a simple table or form. Consist of orders from clients. I created 2 tables. One with the client info and the other table consist of orders. I linked both tables as a relationship. My problem is where how do I do the following:

    1) How do I create a form and a table where I can input orders with different items on 1 order? example: Order 1 Laptop,hardrive,keyboard

    2) How do I create a form where I can input the client info and the orders he want. Orders that have several items in 1 order.

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    Orders are typically represented with two tables, one for the header and one for the detail, related by an order ID field. The header table would contain the customer, date, etc. The detail table would contain a record for each product on the order, with fields for product, quantity, price, etc. You'd represent that with a form bound to the header table and a subform bound to the detail table.

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    So you'd typically have a Customer Table, an Order Table and OrderDetail Table, with each Table's Form actually being a Subform of the previous Form:

    Customer Table

    ........ Order Table

    ...............OrderDetail Table

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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