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    Unanswered: prefix matching..

    I have two tables like this. Now I want to match the country,op_name and operator_code with the dialed number of table1. Each dialed number has a op_prefix on the beginning the the dialed number. but the op_prefixes are not same in length.

    Here Olo and tirana have a four digit similar prefix. The result should output the best prefix matching.

    I am a newbie. pls help.
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    Starting from the left in columns(operator_code and called_number), Exactly how many characters have to match?

    You can try something like below, but operator_code would have to have an exact match with the matching positions in called_number:
    select, t2.op_name, t2.operator_code, t1.called_number, t1.call_id
     from  schema.table2 t2 join schema.table1 t1 on to_char( t2.operator_code ) like to_char( t1.called_number || '%' )

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