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    Unanswered: Access Counting multiple columns with Y value

    I am new to using Access SQL statements. After hours of attempts, I either get erroneous results, or unresolved SYNTAX errors. Hopefully, someone can help me resolve the following problem:

    In an SQL statement, I have a table that I would like to obtain the sum for "each" of three columns based on a certain value within a group. Example: For each Region, I would like to know the total sum for column-2 when a "Y" value is found, the total sum for column-3 when a "Y' value is found, and the total sum for column-4 when a "Y" value is found.

    TBL-RegionValidation - table name
    Region - column1
    ProductFlagged - column2
    ProductValidated - column3
    ProductRemoved - column4

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciate!

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    Never mind, after lots of trial and error, I finally figured it out! Thx anyway. -Tim

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