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    Tool for performance measurement carriers

    Hello Everyone,

    For my Final Thesis i have to create a performance measurment tool for a company.

    20 different carriers have to be evaluated in this system.

    The problem in this case is that i have to work with an input of 3 different excel logs about customer complaints which are totally unrelated to each other and have different cellformats,columnnames and collumnnumbers for the same specific issue. Every row is about a specific complaint
    Table 1. status, inputdate(DD-MM), responsible person
    Table 2 STATUS, resposible pers, inputdat(MM-DD),
    Table 3 Inputdate, Resp pers, Stat

    These excel logs may not be altered in the new system so i have to collect all data from these logs.

    I'd like to automaticly combine the 3 logs into 1 log .
    How can i do this?
    Do i have to do this in Excel, Access or a external party

    I tried to combine this with a query in exel but there is nog relation between the tables and results were poor.

    After this step i'd like to check per column if the right cellformat is used and every important cell has a correct value(not empty). Kind of a conversion sheet.
    How do i do this

    After this i have to add info and analyse per carrier. but I think this is for a later moment to discusas

    If you have a totally different solution to this problem i'd like to hear it as well
    If you have questions please ask them.

    Many thanks in advance,

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    How much do you intend to pay whoever does your thesis for you?

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